AURAw best ever food made with love & super yummy plant-based (vegan) healthy*, sustainable~, equitable^ ingredients in 8:1:1 macronutrient-ratio below 105℉ (except cooked vegan).

*Plant-based ingredients (ie: fruits, seeds, leafy-greens, flowers, roots) contain: energy, fiber (for natural-weight), amino-acids (protein), essential fatty acids, enzymes (digestion, metabolism, longevity), antioxidants (anti-cancer), vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, polyphenols, etc.

~Plants produce oxygen and sequester carbon while methane from farm animals is 20x worse than carbon. It’s said that big factory-farm animal-agribiz is #1 cause of climate-change pollution, deforestation (to grow feed), ocean dead zones, species extinction and massive land-use, water-use, etc.

^It’s said that it takes about 17 pounds of grains/legumes(feed) to make 1 pound of meat(animal flesh) while grains and legumes could instead feed all hungry people several times over.

Began making whole wheat bread andΒ vegetarian foodsΒ  in 1972, vegan 1990, raw-vegan 1999, and high-carb low-fat raw+vegan 2010.